Aurora Collective



Bring young professionals and entrepreneurs together through education and community engagement to build connections.


  • The Ambassadors serve as a liaison between the Aurora Collective, our attendees and the greater business community.
  • Educate local communities about the services and benefits of Aurora Collective.
  • Promote the Aurora Collective in the business community, referring prospective attendees to events.
  • Engage with new attendees at Aurora Collective events.


  • Earn commission for referring potential sponsors.
  • Gives you leadership opportunities with the Aurora Collective and community.
  • Build your resume as a leader in the community.
  • Greater visibility for your business.
  • Development of business contacts through relationships established as an Aurora Collective Ambassador.
  • Recognition for the volunteer at events and on Aurora Collective’s website.
  • Exclusive discounts on ticketed events and sponsorship packages.


  • When representing Aurora Collective, act in a professional manner, including but not limited to: attire, professional behavior in all public interaction, and on social media.
  • Attend a minimum of 60% of Aurora Collective events, without 3 consecutive absences.
  • For networking events, attend and help with greeting, registration, guiding first timers, building networking opportunities and/or clean-up.
  • Work with the Attendee Relations Director to establish prospects and outreach methods.
  • Provide feedback for continuous improvement of program.
  • Answer questions about participation and assist with registration or other activities as requested.


  • Consistently and positively promote the Aurora Collective and our team.
  • The Aurora Collective maintains neutrality regarding attendees and participating businesses. The use of Aurora Collective resources to promote other organizations, businesses, or objectives is strictly prohibited. Resources include, but not limited to, Aurora Collective email addresses, social channels, and print materials.
  • Display the highest standards in communication and responsiveness by promptly returning calls and e-mails to attendees, fellow Ambassadors, and Aurora Collective Team Members.
  • Help promote other Ambassadors and Aurora Collective attendees when business opportunities present themselves.
  • Make every effort to make all guests and new attendees feel welcome at all Aurora Collective events.
  • Report any negative comments or situations regarding the Aurora Collective to an appropriate team member for prompt attention, and maintain such information in confidence.
  • Alcohol is served at some Aurora Collective events. Ambassadors are expected to severely limit their use of alcohol prior to, or while attending any event. In addition, Ambassadors may not attend an event while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Maintain neutrality regarding political candidates when working as an Ambassador. Refrain from wearing campaign buttons or displaying campaign literature while serving in an official Ambassador capacity. The Aurora Collective does not endorse candidates.
  • Support and adhere to decisions made by the Ambassadors as a whole and the Aurora Collective’s Leadership Team, regardless of individual feelings or opinions.

Ambassador Application

Serve as a liaison between the Aurora Collective, our attendees and the greater business community.